Empowering shoppers with Scan & Go

Increase sales, make higher profits and offer your customers the best-in-class experience. It's a win-win!

BlinkPe works in 3 simple steps

1. Scan products

Shoppers scan product barcodes to view product information such as price, promos, ratings, and reviews.

2. Pay

Customers can pay directly from the app using a wide range of payment options, including cash. No waiting in checkout counters.

3. Go

After successful payment, customers can leave the store. Our array of intelligent security measures prevents theft.

Intelligent security measures

Built with security and ease-of-use in mind. It's AutoMagic.

RFID Scanners

Secure your inventory with our most transparent RFID-based solution, requiring zero human intervention. Items are marked with RFID tags which are automatically disabled after payment.

AI-Powered Employee App

Employees can easily monitor and prevent theft in real-time with the employee app which constantly runs AI algorithms to analyze the purchase behavior across more than 30 data points.

Random Basket Inspection

Our exit gate app facilitates random inspection for selected purchases by scanning the QR code on the purchase receipt to convey information on paid items.

Features that blend together to provide astronomical value

Web App

All our features are packed into a user-friendly web app so that your customers do not need to download anything.

Smart Recommendations

AI-powered smart recommendations that help your customer find the right match and increase engagement.

Product Information

Add description, images, videos, tables, and more to market your product. Our web app adds the touch to make it look sublime.

In-Store Navigation

In-store navigation allows your customers to find any product with a single click. You get insights about prominent regions in your store.

Ratings and Reviews

Bridge the gap between offline and online shopping with extremely valuable ratings and reviews. Feedback made easy.

Mobile Payment

A wide range of payment options integrated into the web app allows your customers to pay online and avoid the hassle at checkout counters.


Important insights about sales, products, customers, payment methods, feedback, etc. served on a silver platter through our POS app.

Whatsapp Chatbot

Engage with your customers even after they leave the store. Customers can access receipts, rewards, receive help, and more with a single message.

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